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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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year-old boy would never walk. looks like the boy has cc1: (male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. thief
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>>da: levemir is out live, showing what is happening with protesters. it >> dahli.a: they are bracing foa violent demonstration. right now, there are 60 occupy protestors @ frank ogawa plaza. occupy protestors planned on marching in 45 minutes at 8:45. according to the occupy a website. this demonstration is not tended to be peaceful they posted a note that peaceful protesters to stay away. this is going to be in a militant
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action and some are saying let us just be peaceful. but this is in response to police harassment and abuse. they say that this is in response to happened at previous in responsand let us come back livs was just thrown at us. you see that this was thrown and they do not want the media trucks throw-- there are different meda
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truc-- they have also called the police to parlor from nearby cities just to let them know that in case things get out of hand that they could need mutual aid. reporting live from oakland >>vicki: these groups he's anarchists', how are the police plan on haggling them tonight? >>da: so far, police have stayed away from frank ogawa plaza. they are not anywhere near that area. they are waiting for the protesters to come over at this intended area. the protesters intent on getting their path
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towards the police station. once they start to destroy property, the police will of in. however, if the demonstrators remains peaceful, they will still allow that to happen. >>vicki: we have seen the previous damage to property what've we seem that tonight? >>da: we have now seen any business owners the boarding of stores is pretty much business as usual the only thing that this difference is the amount of police officers in downtown oakland. we can tell you that the police chief called in extra officers. >>vicki: thank you. the slate has also is joining us on the phone. >>gabe: let me tell you what i
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can see there are at least 50 protesters that are getting prepared to march. they say that they are waiting for the severance osan francisco occupy movement to also join them. pretty much the same information but what i am seeing is that people are wearing bandannas, with their identities concealed, wearing all black. and with a lot of profanity and anchor towards the media blaming the media -- papeancthe anger a,
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that >>vicki: there are even that is sending out tweeds that there would be of violence and are you aware of them of that? >>gabe: that is interesting. there was a leader with a megaphone and that was pumping up the crowd. and they said tonight would be a non-violent it was nice to hear but when he said that a least a dozen of people chuckled and laughed. it is difficult to tell if that is a serious or if there will stick to that. hopefully, that is their new plan. they say that the world is watching and that the world is watching. they did not hear the dispersed calls
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from last saturday. that is what they claimed. they claim that they did not hear the " to disperse " claims from the police. so, let us hope for nonviolence. >>vicki: gabe, thank you. this rally today is in response to last week's qaeda of buck demonstration where protesters threw rocks at police officers with 400 arrests. 300 and injuries. mayor jean quan this announcing that this is at least $5 million in cost to the
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city of san francisco. also, occupy protestors have also taken a stance against the war with iran and isreal the u.s. and israel are both parting for the harsh economic sanctions if this work takes place. >> this is a san francisco. >> if our country is contemplating another war >> the anti-four activist-here -
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war protesters. >> this is a veteran anti-war protester, cindy >> the state of the union address said no options are off the table. >>reporter: the long time negotiator has his stake. >> this option is atrocious if this is it the beginning i get
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a another war in the middle east. grassroots efforts but of the voice, much whiter is essential. lobbying is an essential part to force congress to increase in talks about the pros and cons of negotiations with iran >>reporter: some of this are showing their this pleasure in anny presence in the middle east. >>vicki: especial agitation teacher has-a special education teacher has been arrested. he
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was involving a two year-old, and a four year old, no sexual intent is believed. >> this fire was contained. no injuries. >> this crash was caused by the minute you see here. investigators say that inside that crest car the was 7 lbs. of marijuana. he is facing a rest resistance. >> a man was rescued but and intended to be okay. they saw him a tumble into the water and they quickly got to him. >> your forecast, coming up.
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♪ >>vicki: decision 2012, here is the latest. >> as results mitt romney is looking for a second straight victory. the status as a gop front-runner. campaigning, he was looking towards november. >> we elected all, to lead it is now time for him to get out of the way. >>reporter: a couple of wild cards but some of them walk away with some shares of the delicate. with a strong state organization and a good size a mormon population of that was bound to be friendly to massachusetts governor. however his chief rival rival -- not
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this bunch. >> it is not advisable for the country to hire a president or the doo >> rex santorum is causing for less war. >>reporter: minnesota, is next on fair campaign trail. he was expected to do well with a mormon-rich population in nevada.
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>>brian: could evening. we are looking at some 50's. we have clear skies, dry air for the most part. here is a storm! this is going to break apart by the time it reaches us basically just high, thin clouds. they are up in the sky and there will not too much just perhaps just block the sun however, this next storm will a drive on monday with increasing clouds. eventually the chance for rainfall. sunshine, high clouds and warm temperatures! 70s possible. but for those clouds to increase their of the day on monday with the rain chance of rain fall monday by midnight. lasting into the morning commute
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for tuesday. the rainfall could still even be steady at times and even heavy. rainfall totals could be significant. initially, as i mentioned when we see these clouds coming and there will be high, and just light clouds. one night the 7:00 a.m. is showing the heaviest rainfall forecast. showers on/off for the rest of the afternoon on tuesday. for tomorrow:none of that frame it is going to be nice and on the cool site. temperatures will be low mid 30's. . 40's by the day. a spectacular day with sunday, and mid upper 60s. san jose will see 70 degrees. a look at your 7 day around the bay there
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are changes this week. that rainfall that i mentioned is heavy in the morning and late tuesday, dissipating. a couple of nice days wednesday, thursday, but some clouds but mainly sunshine. a weaker system possibly into friday/saturday. we will be back. more color. same droid razr. on america's fastest, most reliable 4g network. now that's value anyone can appreciate! get the droid razr by motorola in three new colors for $199.99. only at verizon. white is the color of amor!
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>>vicki: international news park police entered mcpherson square
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in downtown washington. there were not there to effect protesters but to check the paper wanted to comply with the " no camping " laws. they rejected the law of " no camping and living in a public park is not protected by the first amendment. >> the powerful snow storm just west of omaha. several got stuck in the road. several flights out of denver were canceled. blizzard-warnings were issued for issued kansas and nebraska >>stanley: check this out on my
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now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: the average weight of a light rail vehicle is approximately 97,000 lbs.. that is part car with no passengers. per-car. and in this edition. the 90,000 lb. train will win every single time however, finding drivers taunting them at this station in san francisco, they always have the right of way so when somebody is crossing in intersection they are supposed to wait and they do not. because this is san francisco and waiting is not in our blood. and also in some cases, neither are good drivers.
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this a driver could not wait because there was in the driving space. . one of the alsproblemse drivers making a left-hand turn from the right hand lane. and a right hand turn from a left hand lanes. like this driver. she drives in a crosswalk so she can get a parking spot. buddy think that it is even worse for morning pedestrians it during the commute so of course a deaa another visit will be in order. because i hear it is even worse for morning pedestrians if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at
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they have been causing havoc. >>da: police headquarters is their target tonight. they are planning on having a police march that is why there are a lot of officers guarding this area. there's a van full of officers just waiting to see what will happen next. many of these fans are parked around here. even occupy protestors plan on marketing marching at -- 9:00 p.m. this is video, from earlier. 70 are gathering of frank ogawa plaza eand some of them are covered with bandannas. according to this it is not intended to be peaceful. their website states that peaceful
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protesters can stay away this march is a militant. earlier, at frank ogawa plaza the gathering protesters said that let us make sure that this is peaceful let us not damage any property because it will compromise the image of occupy oakland however, those non-violent protesters are not invited. here, this is exactly what was thrown at us! this was launched at our truck! there was a needle sticking out of it. and even a jar of urine was tossed at a another media group. what are the police doing? they are staying away. they do not want any problems. they are all {laughter} member to demonstrate and rally over
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there but once those people get out of hand and cause property damage that is when they will move in. they are taking the reactive approach the limbs. >>vicki: once again we will continue with the gabe >>gabe: i am at frank ogawa plaza. about 100 people. there is probably 100, 110 people they are getting ready for their 8:45 march. their leader is chanting through a megaphone. it is all about police brutality. they did not get the dispersed call warning that the police ordered.
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many's identity it's our concealed. they do not want any news cameras. it would not peclose toa would not be -- save for the media to be this close. i have not seen any police officers and we're hoping for non-violence and we will see how with crows. >>vicki: certainly, we do not want to blow your cover. we have every indication of that this could be violent what is the word out there? >>gabe: it seems to be mixed. a
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couple of times the leader on the megaphone is saying that this is a non-violent march and the world is watching us we need to show the we can beat non- violent but there are also some chuckles and that it is a joke that they can -- thebe non-violt i have the feeling that they really do not have a plan but they do intend to be peaceful. the police will show them a line that they cannot cross. >>vicki: thank you, gabe is reporting live from freckle go plaza. and now, brian. >>brian: vicki, we had a beautiful shot from mt. tam that sunset and high clouds. beautiful colors in the evening. tonight is a nice, clear night
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with the movement, shining. for the past several nights in this and jupiter have been released present. look for clear skies to morro with a cool start with only freezing. clear skies -- tomorrow. high, thin clouds will move into morro for the afternoon with a weak system coming in into -- tomorrow. taking a look at the 30's and 40's with the ratings increase by the afternoon and even 60s. some areas could even see 70s for the south bay which is nice. warmer-than-average. monday, to a system is approaching the west coast with increasing clouds, and rain chances around midnight. tuesday morning's
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commute looks pretty wet. there could be heavy patches. wednesday, thursday could be warmer with your a look at your 7 day around the bay coming up later. >> jim harbaugh, the 2011 associated press coach of the year award this year. he received 45 votes out of 50. and speaking of football -- the super bowl team items are continued to be a popular item. if they're going out to watch the super bowl 46 and check it out. >> the public surt in the
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mission is a offering a $10 in the all you can eat. even though the san francisco 49ers will not replying they're still planning a big crowd. >> there is a big new york giants following as they patriots following it will be just as fast as one and jazzed >> this will have the t.j. in the chili cookoff. super bowl 46 will be a man in tights and a mission. inside the roxie theater comedians will be making fun of the game, the commercials and the crowd. this is free. for others on the suggestions. the riptide bar hi-is also showing a
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$2 per year. and a 12 x 14 ft. screen will allow people to bring your own food. the york giants? you are welcomed at bases in the tenderloin in. free food if you're wearing a giants here. it opens at 9:00 a.m.! >>vicki: the san francisco giants hosted the fans' best at at&t park. craig sklar? >>craig: the line was a run the stadium ancients' fans. >> it has been here since october so we can get a jersey that is signed by seven, eight lawye. >> more signatures. >> 8-players. i want to frame this roster. post-season
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tickets. >>craig: it was like a rock concert more lines. they recovered but fans were okay. with those lines it was like a high-tech baseball season. >> this is what could to ready for the season. this is always nice to. >> we have the best fans they're always coming out strong and at the end of the season >>craig: they say that the wait was worth it. >> i would have waited all day for that. >>craig: many are excited. >> lower box to be able to hear i cannot wait for opening day! >>craig: they're hoping to get things going! >>vicki: sports director, gary radnich
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>>gary: it is a little bit smaller than the last year won the world series. however, this is good, great. and even free! charge $1 see the difference! >>vicki: next month begins spring training.
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k! ♪ >>brian: this is a beautiful shot. take a look. we are looking at 50's and almost everywhere. those clouds you can see will quickly start to move in. hi, thin clouds on monday but nothing significant. just low visibility, and less sunshine. however, as monday progresses into tuesday morning, we will see those clouds turned into rain. the rainfall will turn a significant by tuesday morning's commute! at times, it could get heavy. causing
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difficulty for tuesday morning's commute. as tuesday afternoon progresses, they will slowly move out. here is paid look at lake tahoe. it was a beautiful day today. for the next couple of days look for dry weather for tomorrow as well as for monday. however, tuesday that storm will impact us will permit chance for snowfall for the sierras. temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow, upper '60s and even low 70's. the south bay will have a beautiful day the average highs are in the upper 50s and low 60s. a 65 in concord. danville, 66 degrees in antioch. we will see mostly sunny skies with increasing high, thin
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clouds. basically decorating the sky for the late afternoon. 64 degrees in the san bruno junqueira.with mid upper 60s anr areas. your 7 day of around the bay will show increasing clouds. having rainfall tuesday morning. >>vicki: thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of russia for free and fair elections. they met at the same spot where the rally against the december 4th parliamentary elections the anti-pro groups turned out.
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>> in syria, this could be one of the bloodiest uprisings. over 200 people killed that were started last night >> this nighttime amateur video from you tube is said to be from a small city giving you a sense of the chaos. activists say this city came said the under steady bombardment friday night into saturday. one activist say that he believes that this city is under attack because recent defections from the syrian army. >> i think that there were 50, 60 civilians went down to welcome the ar army -- and to
8:48 pm
thank them for their bravery. when they found out about that welcoming they gave them? they started this radical firing into this governme-- into this neigh. >> access is so limited however, people that we have been speaking describing ho holmes hospitals are filled with victims many to not make it. >> we have so many people that we cannot move out. >>reporter: reports of buildings
8:49 pm
collapsed with people trapped under the rubble. >> nobody is doing anything about it. they are only doing discussions while we are sitting here, getting killed. >> we will please to stop the killing. >>reporter: the united nations said in december that or 5000 people have died since the month of march. and human rights are saying that it is more than 7000 and it is expected to in cris increased -- >>vicki: so far, no calls for the president of syria to step down. a peace plan is in talks
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>>vicki: what a glorious day
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